NORDIC opening controls

NORDIC opening controls

NORDIC roll doors are not only door, but a complete traffic flow concept. Different types of control activate an automatic system which stream the traffic flow, minimizes passage times and saves energy and environment. I.e. with photocells, pull cords, loop detectors, radio remote control, radar and traffic lights.

Pull cord

For door steering from pedestrians and from vehicles with open driver's seat. A timer automatically controls closing of the door after passage.

Radar detector control

For automatic door steering, where a sensor detects movements in a certain set area. The door closes automatically after passage or when the movements stop.

Radio remote control

For manual door steering with remote control from pedestrian and vehicle.

With remote control, traffic can be restricted to only authorized users. The radio remote control is available as hand or vehicle based with up to 100 channels for different doors. A timer controls automatic closing after passage.


For automatic door steering in corridors etc, where photocells provide signals to open the door when pedestrians and vehicles break the beam.

Photocell can also be used as safety function by positioning in the door line. Safety photocell is recommended for automatic closing.

Loop detector

For automatic door steering, intended for vehicle traffic only.

A loop in the floor or ground on both sides of the door detects passing vehicles. The door is opened when a vehicle enters the area where the loop is located and keeps it open as long as the vehicle is in the area. The loop does not detects pedestrians.


To maintain even indoor temperature.

The opening system is designed with two fast-acting roll doors that minimize door opening times.

The doors can be steered automatically or manually. At the automatic opening system, the other door automatically opens when the first door is closed.

The opening system is activated by only one opening signal. Both doors will automatically close after a certain preset time. The air lock works in the same way from both directions. Traffic lights can be fitted as an option.

In manually controlled opening systems, each door is steered separately. A locking feature makes that both doors can not be opened at the same time.