Industrial machine protection

High speed roll doors that effectively shield machines – for maximum personal safety

NORDIC machine protection doors are extremely useful. By placing the door near the workplace, setting times can be reduced compared to when using a light barrier, for example. The door's minimal space requirements also makes it possible to place it directly onto the frame of a machinery.

The NORDIC door panel has a patented design that efficiently stops the door panel from being pushed out of the frames, despite the minimum frame width (80 mm). The design is made so that the door panel is not engaged during normal operation, therefore it is no subject to wear. The doors have only few wear parts which make them heavy-duty för millions of openings with minimal maintenance.

The machine protection doors have fast and discreet drive with opening speed up to 2.5 m/s.

High speed machine protection door – our models

NORDIC 344-protec – increase personal safety

A fast and compact roll door that increases operator safety and protects against noise, dust and weld sparks. Sizes between 600x600 mm and 4000x3500 mm (larger size on request). Product facts >

NORDIC 344-protec Rollback – safeguards further

An innovative door type that further increases operator safety and facilitates loading at toolbar replacement. Sizes between 600x600 mm and 4000x3500 mm (larger size on request). Product facts >

Door solutions from experts

Our reference list is long since many larger companies in Europe have bought our machine protection doors, among them several in the automotive business. We care for you becoming satisfied as a customer when ordering and our goal is a long-term relationship.