About cookies och personal integrity

About cookies och personal integrity

About cookies

NORDIC's web site uses cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on the visitor's computer, which allow you to track what the visitor does on the site.

There are two different types of cookies. The one is session cookies used during the time the visitor is active on the site. These cookies are only saved temporarily and disappear when the visitor closes their browser. The other is permanent cookies used to tell the visitor what has happened to the site since visiting the site last and to recognize recurring users and to remember what information was previously provided.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies. However, if you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer, you can set your browser to notify you when it receives a cookie. Then you can decide whether to receive it or not.

How cookies is used on nordicindustrialdoor.com

Cookies on this site are mainly used for three different purposes:

  • Statistics and follow-up of visitors' interest in different types of information.

  • For some site features - which is a prerequisite for allowing the user to make certain functional choices and settings of the site.

  • To handle some basic features - such as video display and some support features around searches.

The NORDIC Door website uses so-called third-party cookies, i.e. cookies contained in features used and controlled by other parties. The Google Analytics web statistics system is used to measure traffic and compile statistics about visitor's user patterns. For information on how Google Analytics and how Google handles cookies and privacy, visit: www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy

On this site there is also the option to opt out of further statistics collection from Google Analytics. If you choose not to accept cookies, no information will be collected. If you do not accept cookies, you can turn off cookies in your browser's security settings.


NORDIC's web site has links to other sites. Our information about cookies does not apply to these sites, but follows the information there.


Integrity policy

Processing of personal data

Our goal is to make you feel safe when you submit your personal information to NORDIC door ab. All processing of personal data is based on the provisions of Swedish Integrity Law and on the guidelines that apply to NORDIC door ab.

Personal Data Responsible: NORDIC door ab

When is processing of personal data

NORDIC door processes your personal information when you:

  • Receive information about our services via newsletter, e-mail, physical letter, etc.

  • Become a corporate customer.

  • Have contact with us in our business as third party (supplier, partner, customer reference etc).

  • Participates in surveys and reports for benchmarking.

  • Sign up to participate in our events.

  • Search for vacant posts or report your interest in employment with us.

  • Contacting us in general.

Registered data

When representatives of a company make orders, names of company contacts, their position, departmental title, address, telephone number and e-mail to the workplace are registered. For third parties, the corresponding data is recorded.

In other situations, the information you choose to provide to us is registered. NORDIC's goal is not to record sensitive data such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, health and sex life. If you provide such information, for example, for a visit that you are allergic to and wish for a diet, we assume that you agree that the information is stored with us.


The personal data you provide via website, letter, visit or telephone are listed in our register and are used for administration of ordered services and products. The data can also be used for marketing purposes, as well as for the follow-up and development of NORDIC's product range.

When searching for vacancies, submit interest requests regarding employment or internship with us, participate in surveys or contact us, we only use your information for the purpose you provided them.

Disclosure of personal data

For orders and contacts with us, the information contained in our register may be disclosed to third parties, i.e. to persons and companies outside of NORDIC door in the extent required to complete the order. This also applies to administering events, recruitment, inquiries or reaching you if you wish to be contacted by us.

In addition, your personal data may also be disclosed to NORDIC door's global network of suppliers and partners to fulfil our commitments. This means that your personal data may be sent outside the EU/EEA area.

In all of the above-mentioned situations, NORDIC door is the personal data controller and the suppliers that NORDIC door uses is personal data assistents. Personal data assistents do not have the right to disclose your personal information to anyone else or to use them for purposes other than what NORDIC door allows. Personal data assistents are also required to comply with government regulations to protect your personal data.

Personal data may also be disclosed in case it follows from law, regulation or authority's decision.

How long are the data left?

We keep your personal data for as long as we need to fulfil our commitment, i.e. providing the service, the product, the training, invoicing, archiving of assignments, documents, etc. As our delivered products require access to documented history throughout their lifetime, your personal data are left without a fixed time limit or you wish to delete the data.

You are entitled to receive, once a year, information about the personal data processed by NORDIC door. In such case, you must request this in writing. If you think a statement about you is incorrect or misleading, please contact us and request a change.


It always involves a risk of disclosing personal data over the internet. No technology system is completely protected from intrusion. NORDIC door, however, has taken all reasonable technical security measures required to protect personal data from improper access, change or destruction.