NORDIC Drive A-2

NORDIC Drive A-2

– the new drive system generation

NORDIC Drive A-2 is our new drive system for high speed roll doors. With all new generation Vector-control for automatic doors, designed for intensive operation, allowing cycle times down to 10 seconds.

A user-friendly drive – easy to install, service and maintain. Start-up is easily made with the help from the graphical display mounted in the front of the control box.

An intelligent drive system

Characteristical for the NORDIC Drive A-2 is intelligent PLC control that automatically programs and optimizes the Vector-motor control for different drive conditions, speeds etc. No frustrating stepping through long lists of programs.

In the control, all status information and history about use, down times etc. regarding the specific door and its functions is stored. This information can then easily be copied to the memory card to be transferred to another door.

The control can communicate with various industrial networks like Profibus, Profinet IO, Ethernet, etc.

As always when looking at NORDIC products, the NORDIC DRIVE has a very robust design with very few wear parts.

The drive unit is available in two sizes: FL 50–0,75 kW and FL 75–1,5 kW.

Design/standard funktions
  • Power supply 1x230 V, 16 A

  • Control box in powder coated grey steel, size 240x600x240 mm

  • Adjustable opening speed up to 2,5 m/s, soft start/soft stop

  • Supervized safety edge

  • Automatic closing

  • Emergency stop

  • Forced closing

  • Display with touch control in the front of the control box

Standard information in the control
  • Safety edge status

  • Safety photocell status

  • Total number of cycles

  • Service intervals

  • Faults indications

  • Store the door's alarm history

 Language options: swedish, english, german danish, french, spanish, italian, dutch.

Optional software
  • Software for communication with various industrial networks

  • Traffic light control with alternative functions

  • Interlocking or a fully automatic airlock

  • Supervized safety photocell

  • Remote control with position indication

  • Automatic time closing with direct closing after passage

  • Two alternative opening levels

Optional hardware
  • Radar motion detectors

  • Radio remote control

  • Loop control

  • UPS battery module for emergency opening

  • Inverter for 400V power supply (control box 400x600x210mm) 

NORDIC door has long experience of drive system manufacturing where function and long product life-length is our goal.


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