NORDIC 344-protec

NORDIC 344-protec high speed roll door

– increases safety and protects against noise, dust and weld sparks


The most advanced machine protection door on the market! A high speed roll door that improves personal safety. And protects aganst noise, dust and weld sparks.

The door is compact, efficient och can be placed near the workplace. Touch-free sensors, well protected inside the frame, supervise the closed door. The frame is only 80 mm wide.

Robust design with few parts make it handle millions of opening cycles with minimal maintenance. The machine protection door have flexible control that can be programmed for all types of operating functions. It is prepared for remote control and can be equipped with the UPS option, which allows the door to be opened even in case of power failure. 

NEW: The doors can now be provided with a photocell curtain integrated in the frames. The curtain covers the full opening and reverses, fully contactless, the door to open if obstructed by any object. The curtain, having no wear parts, being well protected in the frames, is certified to replace both safety edge and safety photocell.    

We develop and manufacture the machine protection doors in Sweden, which means we have direct access to expertise, short delivery times for spare parts and knowhow for special requests.

  • A high speed roll door with robust design, heavy duty door panel and only few wear parts. 

  • The frames are made of anodized aluminum profiles, easy detachable for i. e. inspection.

  • Fast and silent drive with opening speed up to 2,5 m/s.

  • Frames, bottom beam (with rounded top), top roll cover and motor cover of anodized aluminum.

  • Extremely compact design.

Door panel
  • NORDIClean door panel, 2 mm thick, with smooth finish, antistatic-proof with insulated carbon fiber wires, resistant to welding splash and UV-radiation.

  • Standard colours: blue (RAL 5007) and light grey (RAL 7038).

Drive system
  • Vector-controlled drive with adjustable speed up to 2.5 m/s. 1x230V, 16A.

  • Touch-display for programming and information.

  • Automatic reversing safety edge with wireless signal transmission.

  • In the frames, touch-free sensors (cat.4) are mounted interlocking the rear machine so that it cannot restart if the door is unclosed. The sensors can easily be adjusted to change the closing position

  • Min. clear opening 600x600 mm.

  • Max. clear opening 4000x3500 mm (larger size at request).

  • Safety photocell curtain in the frames instead of clamp guard, meaning touchless and safe.

  • Communikation modules for Profisafe, Profinet, Profibus. etc.

  • Door panel colours yellow (RAL 1023), red (RAL 3000) och orange (RAL 2004).

  • Transparent vision panel, full width, seemless integrated in the door panel. Also available in toned PVC in the colours bronze or red for protection against welding glare.

  • Steel stand for stand-alone location.

  • Cat.4 safety relay for monitoring the touch-free sensors.

  • Safety LED-loops at the opening warning for closing door. Available in several colours.

  • LED list on the frame for process indication. The diodes are programmed to illuminate either yellow, red, blue, green or white.


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Door panel colours

Standard colours: blue RAL 5007, light grey RAL 7038. Option: yellow RAL 1023, red RAL 3000, orange RAL 2004 and transparent vision panel.