Increased operator safety

Improved safety of machine protection doors

A new type of photocell curtain integrated into the door frames has been developed to touch-free be able to reverse the door if any object stays in the door opening when the door closes.

The photocell curtain can replace both the safety edge and the safety photocell on the door. This makes the door more reliable and easier to maintain, as the curtain is protected inside the door frames with no moving parts or wear parts.

The photocell curtain learns to ignore the door panel movements but detects all other objects that enter the door opening during the closing cycle. The photocell curtatin as safety edge on the NORDIC port is tested by SP and meets the requirements of EN13241 and EN12453-1 at a closing speed of 1.2 m / s.

The photocell curtain complies with EN12978 and is an "E-device" according to EN12453-1. The photocell curtain, connected to the door control, is Pl d (EN13849-1). When the curtain is connected to a separate safety relay it reaches PL e.